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IoT Epoch Time Disaster? Only Time Will Tell

Ever heard of the “epoch time”? I’m not talking here about  history periods or geology. Epoch time is simply a standardized time and date reference used in UNIX and many other computers. It defines time, measured in seconds, starting from January 1, 1970 epoch. This is based on an arbitrary, somewhat historical epoch, but, what matters is that it is a commonly followed standard. More info

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What is the anatomy of IoT sensor devices?

Executive Summary:

  • IoT Sensors include three fundamental functions: sensing, communication, and power supply, as well as additional functions: processing/system management and user interface
  • IoT application is determined by the types of sensors, cloud connectivity, power sources, and (optionally) user interface used in an IoT sensor device
  • It is possible to realize a variety of IoT applications with a single IoT sensor hardware platform by employing appropriate functional modularity and interface abstractions
  • An application processor and well defined interfaces help abstract functions for versatility and ease of use

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Key considerations for IoT sensor devices: 4 – Security

Executive Summary:

  • Security is critical for IoT
  • End application defines security policy requirements
  • Security is weak if device crypto key are not well protected in IoT devices
  • Best-in-class security policies for IoT sensors are achieved with tamper-proof hardware crypto key management

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