IoT Network
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IoT Applications

Here are some of Industrial and Enterprise IoT applications for which Zenseio hardware platform is perfectly suitable

Smart Cities

  • Environmental conditions and severe weather monitoring
  • Crime prevention
  • Occupancy-based lighting
  • Municipal infrastructure monitoring and preventive maintenance
  • Optimizing recycling and waste management

Smart Agriculture

  • Soil condition monitoring
  • Plants and crops monitoring
  • High-value equipment tracking

Smart Animal Farming

  • Water quality monitoring
  • Air-quality monitoring
  • Feed monitoring
  • Inventory tracking

Smart Environment

  • Environmental Pollution Monitoring
  • Water level and quality monitoring
  • Waste management
  • Water dam monitoring

Smart Utilities

  • Gas or water pipeline leak monitoring
  • Oil Well pump monitoring
  • Remote metering

Industrial Monitoring

  • Preventive maintenance for machinery
  • Factory air quality and pollution monitoring for compliance

Asset Tracking

  • Outdoor and indoor asset location monitoring and recovery
  • Theft and vandalism prevention
  • Vehicle driving monitoring for safety compliance

Smart Buildings

  • Commercial buildings environmental monitoring
  • Occupancy monitoring
  • HVAC and utilities monitoring
  • Preventive maintenance


  • High value asset monitoring and tracking
  • Secured perimeter monitoring and access control


  • Truck & cargo tracking for compliance and route optimization
  • Rail, road, bridge, and airport grounds monitoring


  • High value equipment tracking
  • Medication supplies inventory control
  • Restricted access control

Predictive Maintenance

  • Equipment monitoring for performance deviations
  • Equipment monitoring for intermittent failures
  • Facility monitoring for out-of-spec conditions