Sensor Solutions for Any Agricultural Application, and more.

Zenseio specializes in telemetry devices for agriculture that minimize waste by helping growers monitor, study, and take action to improve their operation and yields.

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IoT Made Easy

The Bridge Between Agriculture and Technology

Zenseio is passionate about helping agricultural and industrial enterprises realize productivity gains and resource savings by utilizing advanced Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology. 

We provide durable, ready-to-use customized sensors and telemetry devices for agriculture. We have vast expertise in sensor selection and IoT system integration. Want to learn why we're the best in the business?


Why IoT for Agriculture? Good question.

Challenges for Growers

Growers have a difficult job, they deal with unpredictable weather, plant diseases, and pest infestation, water usage regulations, on top of fierce competition to produce the highest yields and quality possible.

Numerous Variables

In order to provide food for the world's growing population, they need to precisely control plant enviornments over vast acres, all while adapting to environmental factors that are more variable than they've ever been.

Nature Meets Technology

It has been proven that using soil moisture sensors results in significant water and fertilizer savings, while increasing yields. By streaming field data in real time, growers can:

  • Plan better
  • Reduce Costs
  • Save Time
  • Improve Efficiency Overall

Zenseio TeleFarm

Obstacles in IoT for Ag

Though IoT can transform your growing operation, there are some key factors to consider before choosing IoT Experts who you trust

High Complexity

IoT intermingles several cutting-edge technologies that are very broad and complex in their own right: sensors, wireless communication, and the internet.  

Ever Evolving Industrial Standards

As the IoT space is constantly changing, growers need a system that is flexible and adaptable in order to maintain compatibility with emerging technologies and industry standards.


Climate, temperature, and weather conditions can vary significantly across large operations, even at a single location. To withstand the demands of the industry, telemetry devices for agriculture hardware must be industrial grade, made specifically for the field.

The Zenseio Difference

We are committed to providing our customers with products that will help their business operate at its best.

  • Standards Based System
  • Pre-Integrated
  • Customizable
  • Experienced & Trusted
  • Secure & Private
Standards Based System

Since the IoT market is still developing, we believe customers are best served by multi-vendor solutions backed by open standards. The result is faster market readiness at competitive prices, without the risk of abandonment or obsolescence.

Open LoRaWAN and LTE standards allow for flexible implantation for a wide range of use cases

Highly compatible with most popular sensors on the market

Easily adaptable for future developments in radio and sensor technology


We worked out the hardest integration kinks for many popular agricultural applications, so you can deploy and use the whole system quickly and easily.

Works out of the box with minimal setup and configuration

Easily deployed in groups for large scale agricultural operations

Rechargeable and solar power options allow for deployment in the harshest of conditions


Our devices are designed to be versatile out-of-the-box. With minor firmware or hardware customization, it is possible to create a variety of quick and cost-effective alternative applications for your Zenseio device.

Easy to Use Zenseio App that integrates with many common visual interfaces

Simple and highly customizable design allows for a variety of use cases

Hardware customizations can be made to order on request

Experienced & Trusted

We have been building IoT-related technologies over the last several decades at leading semiconductor and telecommunication companies. We can provide consultation to select a solution tailored to your needs, educate your team, and assist with troubleshooting when issues arise.

Personalized support and consultation to help you use your devices

Extensive Knowledge Base containing useful guides and tips

Support offered via email, phone, or Zenseio's ticket system

Secure & Private

With Zenseio, you own your infrastructure and sensor data. We use the best security practices in the industry, with all communication securely encrypted on both ends.

All data available via the Zenseio App or your business's program of choice

End to End encryption ensures data cannot be accessed by unauthorized users

Secure transmissions regardless if being sent via LoRa or Cellular

Reliable All Terrain Operation, Dependable in Any Climate

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