TeleFarm Products

Zenseio LoRa telemetry device

TeleFarm LSMP

LoRaWAN® devices are dependable, fully featured, simple to install, all while requiring less power than anything else on the market today.

Zenseio LTE-M telemetry device

TeleFarm CSMP

CSMP devices can operate in harder to access areas, with no need to set up any access points or gateways.

Zenseio ultrasonic sensor


Zenseio offers a range of state-of-the-art sensors for a variety of business and research applications, made by Zenseio and our partners.

Zenseio LoRa telemetry with solar panel

Solar Power Adaptor

Allows you to convert your Zenseio device to operate using solar power, making it possible to run in remote aresuse sensors that require constant power.

Zenseio Mobile App

Use Zenseio's Mobile App to setup and configure your device, check device status, and more. Compatible with iOS and Android.

Zenseio LTE-M telemetry device
Zenseio LoRa telemetry device

Zenseio TeleFarm

Some of the ways you can use Zenseio Devices:

Fully Featured Monitoring Software

Zenseio Telefarm

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