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Our History:

Zenseio was founded in 2014 as an IoT System Integrator, specializing in embedded system solutions. Since we couldn’t find a rugged, cost-effective IoT sensor device to meet our needs, we developed our own versatile industrial-grade hardware platform for proof-of-concepts and pilot projects.  

As we engaged with customers on their projects, we saw considerable demand for Smart Agriculture, where durability, long-range, and low power are key requirements. 

Smart Ag applications resonated with us personally. The Earth has a limited supply of natural resources and faces enormous challenges to meet the demands of the world’s rapidly growing population.  

Zenseio is based in the Dallas Texas metroplex. 



"Zenseio products have proven to be a great solution for our irrigation water management needs. Their telemetry stations and supporting equipment are very effective in the many different crop types and locations that we serve. We can always count on timely and effective support from the Zenseio team." - Mark

"My business used to use another major brand's sensors, but after months of problems I switched to Zenseio and haven't had any issues since. Finding Zenseio was like finding gold.” - Todd

Our Philosophy:

There is simply no room to waste our resources by lacking critical information. We need to do things better and smarter. We need to apply resources, such as water and fertilizers, precisely when and where they are needed to maximize yields. No more, no less. 

This is where IoT solutions can make positive impact and deliver results. We created a set of easy-to-use and cost-effective hardware devices for “smart, connected farms” to help manage water, soil, and asset use. 

Flexible IoT implentation suited for you .

Integrated Water Management
Soil Moisture Monitoring
Weather Stations

Our Promise:

Our mission is to help growers maximize crop yields while responsibly managing our Earth's resources, and we believe using Zenseio products are the best way to help your business thrive while treating the environment with the respect it deserves. Because of this, we are committed to stand by everything we make, and provide you with support in order to do our part to protect our planet.

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