Use Cases

Integrating the Zenseio Ecosystem with Nature:

Zenseio Use Cases Infographic

Deploy Zenseio TeleFarm Units in Any Terrain

orchard soil moisture telemetry
soil moisture telemetry
orchard soil moisture telemetry
vineyard monitoring telemetry
Zenseio CSMP
water level monitoring telemetry using Zenseio Device
Zenseio LSMP monitoring tank pressure

Zenseio TeleFarm


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Use Cases

Zenseio TeleFarm

apples in orchard
Produce Field Monitoring
  • Soil moisture
  • Leaf Wetness
  • Rain levels
dark clouds over field
Weather Stations & Telemetry
  • Monitoring localized temperature, humidity, pressure, wind, precipitation, leaf wetness, solar radiation, lightning. 
  • Helps irrigation scheduling, disease modelling as well as frost and overheating detection and mitigation. 
abandoned tractor in field

Resource Usage Tracking

  • Tracking Valuable Equipment 
  • Irrigation system operation.
  • Tracking solid and fluid fertilizer levels and usage 
central pivot

Center Pivot Monitoring

  • Pivot position, soil moisture, well level
  • Water pumps and water flow 
  • Remote control of water pump