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Low Power, Wide Area Networking and its Advantages in Agriculture 
Cornfield in the summertime
Solutions in Precision Agriculture
AT&T 2G/3G Sunset Timeline
2G/3G Sunset
Roman Staszewski delivering a speech at the Collide Village Hackathon
IoT Hacking for a Greater Good and Profit
Closeup of a Volkswagen symbol on a cars front grille
IoT Security and 100 Million of Volkswagens
Numerous clocks representing the passage and monitoring of time
IoT Epoch Time Disaster? Only Time Will Tell
The inner workings of a mechanical duck, representing the complexity of modern sensors and networks
What is the anatomy of IoT sensor devices?
Important Finacial considerations
Key considerations for IoT sensor devices: 6 – Cost effectiveness
An arduino and some leds connected to a breadboard
Key considerations for IoT sensor devices: 5 – Industrial deployment readiness
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