Zenseio's TeleFarm LSMP device is a universal, multi-sensor, battery-operated telemetry interface for LoRaWAN® to popular sensors already being used in agriculture and other industries for monitoring soil conditions, water usage, weather conditions, and other parameters. LSMP is the LoRaWAN Certified Product by the LoRa Alliance. 

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  • SDI-12 or RS-485/Modbus input
  • three independent, configurable general purpose inputs, protected to 24V 
  • auxiliary power supply with selectable output voltage output to power external probes or sensors 
  • mobile phone app (iPhone & Android) for easy device configuration using NFC communication. (Remote configuration via radio messages is also supported) 
  • configurable low/high sensor value triggers generating low-latency alert messages 
  • LoRaWAN® class A radio certified by the LoRa Alliance 
  • compact, durable, polycarbonate enclosure 
  • weatherproof (NEMA 4X) and UV-stabilized 
  • pressure venting 
  • universal mounting bracket for easy installation 
  • external, high-quality antenna 
  • long-life, field replaceable industrial-grade lithium battery or solar recharging kit

Why Use LoRa?

See Why a LoRa device Might be Right for Your Business's Needs:

Runs On Your Own or On Public Gateways
  • Allows coverage customization using your own network
  • Increases flexibility in where your device can operate
Ultra Low Power
  • LoRaWAN is a highly reliable low power wireless network solution based on LoRa technology
  • Batteries can last for years with minimal maintenance
Standard-based Protocol
  • Ensured compatibility with other LoRaWAN-certified equipment and services
  • No vendor lock-in or obsolescence
  • Highly secure
  • All data transfers are customizable