LSMP Quick Start Guide

Initial Setup
1. Connect the Included Antenna


Use only the included antenna or the one approved by Zenseio for this type of device

Keep the antenna connected at all times when the power switch is turned on

Do not power down the unit until the Status lights have had stopped blinking for at least 1 minute

2. Update Device Firmware to the Latest Version
  1. For details on the procedure below, refer to the user’s guide
  2. Download the firmware update program from the URL provided by Zenseio and unzip it into a folder. NOTE: only Windows PC is currently supported
  3. Connect the mini-USB cable between the device and Windows PC. NOTE: ensure the USB cable has “data” and “power” capability
  4. Double-click on the “upgrade_zenseio…” file and follow the instructions.
  5. When the instructions say “Please wait…”, turn on the power switch
  6. Wait until there is a success message. This should not take more than 1 minute. WARNING: do not unplug or power down the unit until the update is fully finished.
  7. Unplug the USB cable
3. Use the Zenseio App to Change your Device Configuration
1. Mount the Unit

The device comes with a mounting bracket, allowing to attach it to a support structure using either a hose clamp or a screw.

WARNING: If installing in outdoor places, mount the unit vertically, with the cable gland pointing downward, to avoid water damage

2. Connect External Sensors
  1. Thread a sensor’s cable through the cable gland at the bottom. NOTE: Ensure the exposed sensor cable leads do not touch any electronics on the printed circuit board while you route the cable into the connector
  2. For the details of connecting different types of sensors, refer to the user’s guide
  3. Push the button down on the green connector and slide in the appropriate wire into the connector and release the button. NOTE: If the wire has many strands, ensure the strands are neatly twisted together and not sticking outside the connector
  4. Lightly pull on the wire to check that it is held securely
  5. Tighten the cable gland at the bottom
3. Test Device
  1. If the unit is powered off, slide the power switch to on position. Wait for the Status lights to stop blinking for at least 1 minute
  2. Press the User Button at the bottom of the inside of the device. Observe the Status lights blinking. Blinking may take up to 10 minutes. If there are no red light flashes, only green, communications should be working correctly
  3. Use Zenseio’s iPhone or Android app to check the status of the device (bottom of Status page) shows no errors
  4. Log into your web app where the device is streaming to verify you are receiving the sensor data
Finishing Up
  1. Close and latch the lid. WARNING: ensure the inside edges of the lid are clear of any wires
  2. If the radio signal is weak (that is when sensor data is lost or getting delayed), it can be boosted by extending and mounting the antenna as high above the ground as possible. This antenna extension cable has been tested to work well