Zenseio was founded in 2014 by Roman Staszewski to be an IoT System Integrator, specializing in embedded system solutions. As we searched high and low for existing IoT sensors solutions, we did not like the available choices. Most of products were using older M2M technologies that were too power consumption inefficient, too hard to use, too cost ineffective, too bulky, too amateurish, or too severely limited in wireless range. Additionally, nearly all were one-off types of solutions - designed for specific sensors or for specific wireless technology. Some hardware products came even with strict strings attached - requiring customers to use specific cloud software platforms to connect to. It was just an inefficient, unscalable way of doing business, running development costs into stratosphere and moving deployment time into far too distant future. This was holding up many IoT applications or making them outright infeasible. The reality is that to successfully grow the number of connected "things" from 6 billion units in 2016 to nearly 21 billion by 2020, predicted by Gartner, will require much better connected sensor toolboxes.

So, we decided to do something about it and to create IoT sensor solutions that System Integrators (SI) would love to use. We identified SI's biggest pain points, we applied our deep knowledge and skills in embedded communication systems, and we worked tirelessly trying out different approaches and building many prototypes. We finally created an industrial grade, versatile sensor device hardware platform that is easy to use, cost effective, and secure. It is modular and configurable for a variety of Industrial IoT applications, such as Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Agriculture and Animal Farming, Infrastructure Monitoring, or Preventive Maintenance. We call it Flexi-Sense IoT Sensor Platform.

Roman Staszewski, the founder and CEO of Zenseio, is an expert in embedded hardware and systems that include wireless communication, ultra low power consumption, application processors, mixed-signal sensor interfaces, power management, and embedded firmware. Before Zenseio, Roman worked for Texas Instruments for over 20 years where he was Distinguished Member of Technical Staff and held both technical and managerial roles. He's an inventor with 6 issued patents and a number of technical publications.


Zenseio's team members are tech industry veterans - experts in embedded firmware, application engineering, digital signal processing, and analog circuits.

Ecosystem Partnerships

Zenseio collaborates across the bigger IoT ecosystem, forming partnerships with wireless network provides, cloud software platforms, and sensor component manufacturers to make it easy for System Integrators to connect our Flexi-Sense sensors to the cloud for complete, end-to-end IoT applications. Some of our partners and suppliers are:

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Aqualabo Groupe

Zenseio is based in McKinney, Texas.